Evolve Nationals Survey 2020

Please complete by 20th July

Our plan all along has been for our Travel teams to attend Nationals in the Gold Coast. However with the recent move back to stage 3 restrictions we wanted to get in touch to seek feedback from our families.

With the current evolving environment Nationals may look different this year. While we are hopeful that a ‘normal’ Nationals will go ahead, the current situation creates challenges such as:

-The possibility of no spectators being allowed in the venue (currently the plan is for spectators to be allowed however this could change to viewing being provided on screens or devices)

-A team being impacted at the last minute by athlete absences (e.g. due to illness)

-Travel being restricted or prevented, possibly at last minute due to border restrictions, quarantine requirements

With these challenges in mind, we would appreciate it if you could respond to the following four questions. There is also a section at the end for any comments or questions.